Bowser Technical

Professional Status: MAATO member of the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario, Certified Building Technologist.
1989-present Multi-Disciplinary Consulting; including;
- HVAC Design, Heat Loss Calculation, Duct Design Energy Auditing
- R-2000 Design Evaluation/Air-testing/Inspection, Quality Assurance
- Mechanical System Fault Investigation
- IAQ and HVAC system Performance Research
- Technical writing, editing and illustration
- Trainer, Residential Ventilation, Heat Loss/Gain, Duct Design
1982-1988 General Manager, Air Changer: (Heat Recovery Ventilator) Developed standard practices for residential central ventilation. Participated in modification of existing as well as creation of new codes and standards.
1979-1982 Project Manager; Allen-Drerup-White Ltd: Responsible for HVAC design documentation and project management. Buildings types included residences, town-houses, apartments, light commercial and school buildings.
Other: Product Manager/Designer; Exhaust fans, Electric, Oil & Gas Furnaces
Site Supervision; Mechanical System Installation
Design and Drafting; Mechanical and Architectural
System Fault Investigation: Various clients including, Union Gas, State Farm Insurance Co., the Ontario R-2000 Program, various owners, contractors, consulting engineers and municipal governments. Typical investigations include insufficient heating/cooling, poor indoor air quality, soot accumulation, combustion back-spillage, high energy bills, poor comfort and excessive moisture.

Assessment of Residential Furnaces Filters: CMHC: In-home testing using multi-station real-time optical laser particle counting data collection system developed by Bowser Technical. Parameters studied include particle levels, indoor/outdoor air change, furnace airflow and power consumption, ozone levels etc.

Assessment of Residential Heat Loss/Gain and Energy Modeling Software: NRCan, comparison for accuracy, input time, ease of use, for available Canadian heat loss/gain calculation and energy prediction software.

Verification of HRAI Depressurization Calculation: NRCan & HRAI, 1995: Field testing of 30 homes for air-tightness and depressurization at low-level exhaust flows. Resulted in revision & simplification of HRAI low-level exhaust flows. Resulted in revision & simplification of HRAI low-level exhaust prediction method.

Blower Efficiency in Domestic Heating Systems: CEA-1995: with Unies Ltd, Survey component Quebec region/Furnace Manufacturers.

Ventilation and Airtightness in New Ontario Housing: Bowser Technical, 1994: Analysis of current air-tightness data for probable ventilation rates.

Testing of Older Homes for Microbiological Pollutants: CMHC, 1991: Investigation of 25 homes for higher moisture levels and microbial contamination. With Dr. J. Whitby, microbiologist.

Impact of Proposed Preliminary Standard CSA F326: CMHC, 1991: Analytical study of the effect of implementation of the standard using computerized cost model for two houses and a variety of heating and ventilation systems.

R-2000 National Audit (with Enermodal Engineering): Field investigation, support services and air-tightess testing.

Furnaces, Heat Distribution and Control: Ministry of Housing, Ontario (with Allen-Drerup-White Ltd.) Field investigation and performance evaluation of energy-upgrade measures for mechanical systems in single-detached housing.
CSA Technical Committee on Heat Recovery Ventilatiors: (member) (CSA Standards CAN/CSA C439-88, Methods of Test for Heat Recovery Ventilators and C-444, Installation of Heat Recovery Ventilators)

CSA Technical Committee of Requirements for Residential Ventilation: (associate) (CSA Standard F326, Residential Mechanical Ventilation Requirements) Consultant to Committee.

R-2000 Ontario Technical Committee: (past chair)

CSA Technical Subcommittee on 22.2 #113: Electrical & Safety Certification for Fans and Ventilators.

HRAI Committee on Contractor Acceditation: (past chair)
Complying with the Mechanical Ventilation Requirements of the 1990/93 Ontario Building Code: Various HRAI and OBOA Chapter meetings.

Residential Ventilation Systems; the Canadian Experience: 1/2-day Workshop presentation at INNOVATIVE HOUSING '93 Conference.

Residential Ventilation Symposium: CMHC, 1990; Summary of 1-day symposium of ventilation Experts to provide input for the CHBA Ventilation Task Group.

Specific Energy Conservation Measure for Low-Rise Residential Buildings: Institute of Housing Management, 1982, Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Panel Presentation.
HRAI Residential Mechanical Ventilation, 1992, 1993, 1996: Revisions of text, content and artwork including new duct sizing procedure, new make-up air prediction and design procedure, modularization of course material to accommodate differing requirements of NBC, OBC & BCBC.

OBOA Residential Mechanical Ventilation, 1993: Developed new 2-day course for building officials including 200 page reference manual, teaching guide, presentation materials, examination. Managed development process including pilot course and review committee, trainer training.
Clearing the Air, regular column in the Ontario Building Officials Newsletter.

Heat Recovery Ventilators to Become Standard, Heating Plumbing and Air Conditioning News, 1983.
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