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Current Issues in Residential Ventilation  [June '04] -Status of Proposed Changes to OBC Section 9.32
-Some HRV's Sold in Ontario do Not Comply with
-B-Vented Gas Appliances in New Homes
-Exhaust Fans Vented into Attics/Soffits
Proposed Changes to 9.32 or Reinventing the Ventilation Requirements [June '03] -Review of Changes Proposed to Section 9.32 arising from NBC Proposals
Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Current Status   [Feb. '03] -Carbon Monoxide Detectors Changes arising from Oreg283-2001 (August 2001)
-Current & Past Application, location, standards, installation
Bath Fan Flow Measurement [Aug. '02] -Techniques for measuring bath fan flow to meet CSA F326 req.
-Professional Flow-Hood; Minneapolis Bath Fan Flow Meter; CMHC Garbage Bag
Tales from the Duct [June '02] -HRV-"off" when in "re-circulate" mode
-Fan outlet size and manufacturer's recommended duct size
-Range hoods supplementing TVC
-Exhaust fans in garages
Stale Air Stories [Dec. '01] -HRV's not self balancing
-Falsehoods about Principle Fan location
-Changes in HVI Sone ratings
-CO detectors mandatory in new homes
On-Line Resources for Ventilation Code Enforcement [Aug. '01] -Websites for: HRAI Certified Persons; HRAI Certified Products Catalog; OMH; CMHC
What is the Status of "Mixing Boxes" Under Section 9.32? [Feb. '01] -Part 6 Design, Make-up Air, Requirement for certified ventilation equipment
-Equivalent to HRV?, application to Solid Fuel Appliances
Are Exhaust Ducts permitted to Terminate Inside Attics or Soffits? [Dec. '00] -Exhaust duct termination and insulation rules
Ventilation for Cottages, Bunkhouses, Live/Work Units, Dormitories & Monster Houses, or When is Part 6 Ventilation Design Required for Dwelling Units [Aug. '00] -More than 4 Bedrooms
-More than Normal occupant loads
-Non-solid fuel Natural Draft
What about Charts that Show XX Airflow @ XX Feet of Duct [June '00] -Duct Sizing Calculation
-HRAI Ventilation Manual
Is Plastic Flex Duct Allowed for Bathroom Fans? [Feb. '00] -Requirements for Bathroom exhaust ducts, flammability
-Exhaust duct insulation requirements
Do Bathrooms and Kitchens Really Need Exhaust Fans if they have Openable Windows? [Dec. '99] -Mechanical Exhaust vs Natural Exhaust
-local exhaust requirement, section 9.32
Woodstove/Fireplace Installation in a New Home: What are the Ventilation System Options? [Oct. '99] -Part 6 Design, depressurization calculation, depressurization test.
-qualified ventilation designers
-back-spillage, CO defectors, HRV + CO Detector 9.32 option
Woodstove/Fireplace Installation in an Existing Home: What Happens to the Ventilation System? [June '99] -Rules depend on permit issuance for original building
-CO Defectors, Depressurization test per CSA F326
-Qualified testers
HRAI Certification Card System Expanded to Include Residential Heat Loss & Gain, Residential Duct Design [April '99] -HRAI Certification Programs, Arbitration-Decertification
-Rubber Stamps vs Wallet cards, application to permit submissions-Lists of certified persons
Oil Combustion Equipment & Ventilation Requirements: A Case Study - Part 2 [Feb. '99] -Part 6 ventilation design for Type III houses
-House depressurization test, 5 Pa limit
Oil Combustion Equipment & Ventilation Requirements: A Case Study - Part 1 [Dec. '98] -9.32 rules for combustion venting, natural vs induced draft
-Used appliance installed in a new building
Why are the Venting Classifications Different for Fireplaces? [Aug. '98] -Section 9.32 combustion venting classification
-particular rules and exceptions for non-solid fuel fireplaces
Is an HRV all you need if a Natural Draft Combustion Appliance is Installed? [June '98] -Section 9.32 reference to Part 6 Ventilation Design
-Part 6 Rules for pressure control in the presence of Natural Draft
Potable Hot Water (Combo) Heating Systems: What are the Requirements [April '98] -Potable Hot Water Heating and the UCG (Uniform Canadian Guideline)
-Common problems, UCG outline, code reference, contact point
Inspector Operator Information Resources [Feb. '98] -Information resources available for consumer/home buyer education
-CMHC, ONHWP, NRCan, HRAI, Labels, Manufacturers, Complaints
HRV SYSTEMS: What is the field Experience? [Dec. '97] -CMHC Field Survey of HRV Ventilation Systems
-What works, what doesn't work, what can be improved
Labels on Switches: How can such a small thing be such a BIG Problem [Oct. '97] -Section 9.32 switch requirements
-Circulation fan/Ventilation Fan, where to get labels
Oil Side-Wall Vented Equipment. Positive Venting or Not? [June '97] -Section 9.32 Combustion classification
-recognition of combustion venting systems features
OBOA Residential Ventilation Course [April '97] -available OBOA course -Content, benefits, comments from students
Duct Sizing Myths & Mysteries [Feb. '97] -fan outlet size vs duct size
-9.32 table limitations, Part 6 duct design
HRAI Ventilation Certification Cards [Nov. '96] -HRAI Certification, arbitration, decertification
-wallet cards, certification of drawings
Using the HRAI Ventilation Record for System Compliance [Aug. '96] -Part 6 Design for Residential ventilation Systems
-Performance Certification, Depressurization tests
Are Switches Required in Exhausted Rooms when a Central System is Used? [June '96] -Section 9.32 ventilation designs
-Supplemental Fans, central fans, HRV's, Local Fan Switches
3-Way or Not 3-Way Switches for Principal Exhaust Fans? [Feb. '96] -Section 9.32 ventilation designs
-Supplemental Fans, central fans, HRV's
Can B-Vented Furnaces be Classified as Induced Draft? [Dec. '95] -Section 9.32 Combustion Appliance Type Identification
-House Type, B-Vent Chimneys, CSA F326 depressurization (5 Pa), test
Connecting to the Forced Warm Air Return Duct...Which Hardware Can Be Used? (Part 4) [Aug. '95] -Simple outdoor air ducts
-Motorized Dampers, Bi-metal (thermostatic) dampers, Mixing boxes
Outside Air Connections to Warm Air Systems for Make-up Air...Part 6 Rules (Part 3) [Aug. '95] -Part 6 ventilation designs, make-up air
-Spillage susceptible non-solid fuel appliances
-CSA F326 depressurization limits (5 Pa), calculation, test
1993 Building Code Ventilation Requirements......How are they Working? [April '95] -field investigation of new code requirements, recommendations
-air quality differences between system types, training and flow-balancing
Minimum Return Air Temperatures in Warm Air Systems...WHY? (Part 2) [Dec. '94] -problems arising from low temperatures
-continuous furnace blower use
-B-vent chimneys
Outside Air Connections to Warm Air Systems...What are the Rules? (Part 1) [Oct. '94] -Minimum return air temperatures-design
-outdoor air "mixing boxes", installation rules
No More High Temperature Plastic Venting..... What to do about the Ventilation System? [Aug. '94] -Plexvent, Selvent, Ultravent & mid-efficiency furnaces
-Heating and ventilation Systems options
-B-vented appliances & OBC Rules
What Switches Go Where for Ventilation Systems? [June '94] -Part 9 Ventilation Rules
-Principal, Supplemental, Circulation Fan Switches
Part 6 vs Part 9 in the OBC (Ventilation) [Feb. '94] -Part 9, prescriptive ventilation systems
-Part 6, designed
-overview of OBC rules for residential ventilation systems
Can Range Hoods be Used for Ventilation Under Section 9.32 Rules? [April '94] -range hoods & other supplemental fans
-total ventilation capacity
-fan sound ratings
HRAI and OBOA programs Concerning New OBC Ventilation Rules [Dec. '93] -OBOA & HRAI Ventilation Training courses,
-Compliance forms
Requirements for Supplementary Heat in Habitable Basements [Oct. '93] -Habitable/Walk-out Basements
-alternatives to "just stick in a baseboard"
A Look at the New 1992 HRAI Digest [Aug. '93] -Heat Loss/Gain, duct design methods
-overview of changes from 1986 Digest
Fan Requirements; Safety & Performance CSA 22.2 #113, HVI [Dec. '92] -bath & range hood fans-safety certification requirements
-performance (airflow and noise) ratings; Home Ventilation Institute (HVI) Certification
The above articles are reprinted from the OBOA Journal and were provided by volunteer authors. The copyright for these articles remains with the original authors and if they are reproduced, they should be reproduced in their entirety, with appropriate credit given to the original author and the OBOA Journal.

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