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  • Fault Investigation



Dara Bowser, the owner & principal consultant, is an Accredited Building Technologist  member of the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario (AATO). In addition, Dara has:

HRAI HRAI Certificates in:

  • Residential  Heat Loss and Duct Design
  • Residential Ventilation Installation & Design
  • Potable Water Heating System  (Combo) Design
  • Residential  HVAC System Commissioning
  • Small Commercial  HVAC  Design

NRCan EnergyStar Licenses for:
  • Design Evaluation
  • Inspection
  • Air-Tightness Testing

Ontario Ministry of Housing Qualifications for:

  • House

  • HVAC House

  • Small Buildings

  • Building Services



Dara Bowser has more than 25 years experience in the Energy, Comfort, Environmental and Air Quality Aspects of buildings. During his career Dara has worked with Consulting Engineers, Mechanical Contractors, Manufacturers Ventilation equipment as well as Manufacturers of oil, gas and electric heating equipment.

Some Clients Include :
  • Municipal Governments
  • Energy Utilities
  • Ontario Home Builders Association
  • Insurance Companies.
  • Canada Mortgage & Housing
  • Natural Resources Canada


Bowser Technical Inc carries errors and omissions insurance.


We provide complete analysis & design services for new and existing buildings:

  • Heat Loss & Gain
  • Duct Design
  • Ventilation Design
  • Piping Design (Hydronic/infloor)
  • R2000 Design Evaluation
  • EnerGuide for New Homes Rating
  • EnergyStar for New Homes Rating

Testing & Inspection
  • Code-Compliance Review
  • Air-flow testing and balancing
  • Combustion Spillage Testing
  • Depressurization testing
  • Air-tightness testing
    (Blower Door/Infiltrometer)
  • Thermographic Investigation
  • Data-logging of most environmental parameters

Fault Investigation

Who do you call when  the Heating, Air conditioning or Ventilation system doesn't work properly, and no one agrees as to what's wrong with it?

We have extensive experience in identifying problems and finding solutions. If necessary, documentation, analysis and expert witness services can be provided to support a settlement process (in or out of court).

System BluePrinting

If the existing HVAC system just isn't working right & "seat of the pants" adjustments aren't working, the solution may be HVAC System Blueprinting . This is a process which is designed to bring the existing system up to its best possible operating capability and involves:

     Calculating actual heating & cooling requirements for each room/zone.
     Measuring the actual airflow and heating/cooling delivery to each room/zone.
     Adjusting the system to deliver as closely as possible the correct amount of heating/cooling in each zone.

We Are Independent

It often seems that when it comes to HVAC systems, all of the "experts" are contractors, utility representatives, or manufacturer's representatives. For smaller HVAC systems the services of a mechanical engineer may be costly.

At Bowser Technical, we are independent, that is to say; we do not sell or install anything except our services , nor do we receive commissions from anyone who does. We routinely work for owners, contractors, utilities, manufacturers, government and non-government agencies without conflict of interest.

Who can use our Services?

We assist Home & Building Owners  with

  • HVAC System Blueprinting
  • Fault investigation services

Mechanical Contractors & Builders  use us for:

  • heat-loss & gain calculations
  • duct design
  • ventilation design
  • airflow testing & balancing

Insurance adjusters  often use our services for Fault Investigation and Documentation.

Municipal Inspection Departments  may use our services for code compliance review of proposed or existing systems.

Independent Building Inspectors  often request detailed follow-up where the inspector has identified problems with a heating, cooling or ventilation system.

We are members of :
  • Brantford Home Builder's Association
  • Ontario Home builders' Association
  • Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association of Canada
  • Ontario Building Officials Association
  • Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario
  • Canadian Standards Association

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Please Note: The scope of our practice is limited to Residential & Small Commercial (Ontario Building Code part 9) buildings. For other classes of buildings we will work in conjunction with an appropriately qualified Professional.

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